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Teaching the gospel in Sierra Leone


  Steve Niemeier, Allen Greeley, and Dave Schmidt departed on Tuesday, October 29, 2019, to preach the gospel in Sierra Leone, in West Africa. They stayed in the capital city of Freetown for 13 days before returning to the USA on November 12, 2019. 

They began their teaching on Thursday, October 31, at the local college where they had planned to have three hour sessions with question and answer time after each session. The result of this first session was one baptism and over 30 questions. Due to teaching three full lessons and getting a late start due to waiting for some of the classes to be dismissed, it was decided that the questions would be dealt with at the beginning of the next session. As they started to answer questions at the Friday sessions there was so much involvement and more questions that they decided to forego formal lessons and to teach by answering their questions.

Plans had been made for nine days of teaching the gospel at the building of the Priscilla Street church of Christ in Freetown, in three hour sessions each day with a question and answer period after each session; and five days of teaching the gospel message at Congress Hall in three hour sessions with question and answer time after each session. The lessons were to be centered on the theme, “In Christ Alone.” With these daily sessions in addition to the college sessions this meant the day would begin at 8:30 am and would not end until 9:30 pm.

On Saturday night, November 2, they appeared on national television to discuss the topics that would be taught at all the next week’s sessions. Teaching plans for Saturday had to be cancelled due to National Cleaning Day which meant all roads were closed to public traffic.

They met for services on Sunday, at Priscilla Street. There were 197 individuals present and several sitting outside the front door. 

Monday morning class at Congress Hall began with 66 in attendance. All three men presented lessons and answered questions. There was total confusion at the college because the students were just getting back in session so there was no class today. The day ended with the session at Priscilla Street where there were about 160 present.

Tuesday, November 5, began at 8:30 am at Congress Hall. There were about 60 plus in attendance.  There were about eight visitors from different religious groups, including a Muslim young man. The session ended about 12:30 pm but Christian and Theophilus kept the visitors and talked with them about what had been taught.

The Priscilla Street session had a crowd that again overflowed the building, about 175. Even though it was lights out when the electric grid went down Allen and Dave proved to be as good of preachers in the dark as they were in light. Even though there was chaos and the audience had to be reminded to stay focused the night ended with response to the gospel call. One Muslim man and six ladies with denominational backgrounds were baptized.

Their teaching of about seven or more hours each day came to an end on Saturday, November 9. Their last lessons would be presented on Sunday, November 10, at the regular services of Priscilla Street. There had been 10 baptisms during the 42 public teaching opportunities.  They had taught in front of different people who were members of several denominations.  During the interview on national TV they were able to present answers in such a way as to cover the basic principles of the gospel. In addition to this there had been an opportunity to teach some who attend the WBS supported congregations who also may be sponsored by an American congregation. 

Please pray that Christian, Theophilus and the brethren in Sierra Leone be blessed health, strength, courage and wisdom to continue to spread the gospel in this area.

Lessons From Our Gospel Meeting With Stephen Niemeier

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